There are many business challenges faced by the entrepreneurs and business world today and due to unbalanced economic conditions in our Country, such business entrepreneurs and individuals face big monetary crunches and/or major financial set back. We at Pansari understand the prevailing economic cycle and setbacks which business world is facing and hence, to accommodate and fight back the economic crunches we extend our best and effective financial solutions to our clients for helping them curb or overcome their big financial crunches. We, are into the areas of real estate construction projects at PAN India level, Infrastructure projects such as power, water, agro projects. We also undertake project funding proposals such as manufacturing, hotel, hospital & educational construction projects and other project finance.


We have noticed over a decade into our business, that entrepreneurs are the innovators and pioneers in development of various business concepts and formulae which they desire to introduce into business market. Unfortunately, due to inadequate funds and capital, they are unable to fulfill their business objectives and initiate their business activities. We, endevour to provide our clients complete financial solution in terms of providing financial assistance/facility through private loans through various financial entities which are authorized and successfully disbursing business expansion loans. We also look into the root cause of business setback and/or drawbacks of our clients and by providing working capital, business expansion project loans which generally covers proposals like- starting up of commercial set-ups or establishments, setting up of commercial factories be it sugar, chemical, bio products, gas, oil, product manufacturing, processing units, expansion of existing business facilities and services and other industries.


We are also focused in arranging for equity funding through our chain of investors who would be providing finance to the borrowing entity towards the pledge of equity or by participation of investor as major shareholder in the share capital of the borrowing entity. In this way, the borrower’s financial requirements are fulfilled and the Company is saved from any kind of extinction or potential business hazards.


We are also majorly dealing into the loan proposals such as business loans against the adequate collateral securities only against the mortgage of immovable properties and as against which the proposed finance is being arranged and/or disbursed. Such proposals also include loan against properties (which may cover agricultural, non-agricultural and properties with completed or un-completed structures)


Every individual and entity requires a loan in his/its lifetime, so is the cases we find with our clients who are in the need of clearing their existing bank loans/financial facilities which are either under settlement of NPA or non-NPA kind. Furthermore, by considering the nature of financial facility and other risk factors, we are in position to arrange for financers/investors who would be keenly interested in taking over of existing debts/bank loans of individuals and entities. We also facilitate the process of any additional loan under this kind of facility to enable the borrower to overcome or fulfill other financial requirements.


In our business course we many a times come across proposals where the project was initiated by the parties and all mandatory approvals ready in their hands to start the project but had no money to take it forward. Such cases comes to us looking for the suitable investor who can pump in money in the project on profit sharing basis. Due to good number of such proposals coming to us, it motivated us to expand our working scope to this new horizon of searching the business/Venture partners for such proposals & the positive results we got were good enough for us to take this new activity forward on a professional basis.